Client Setup

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Client Setup

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Remove Client Setup




Workstations running OpenInsight 9 are required to run the clientsetup.exe program to install several client-side tools required for OpenInsight to operate correctly. Each version of OpenInsight has a matching version of clientsetup.exe. Only one version of the client setup tool should be installed at any one time. Sometimes during troubleshooting or version upgrades it is necessary to completely remove all of the client setup components. The script provided in this knowledge base article provides a thorough and fast method to remove all of the client setup components.



What is Removed



The utility script uses various techniques to remove programs related to client setup from the computer's list of Programs and Features (add/remove programs list). The utility script has two parts. The first part locates the following installed programs and attempts to remove then by calling their uninstall method:


OpenInsight Development Suite - Client 9.3.0

OpenInsight Development Suite - Client 9.3.1

OpenInsight Development Suite - Client 9.3.2

OpenInsight Development Suite - Client 9.4.0

By uninstalling these programs is the best way to ensure the client setup tools are cleanly removed. The second part of the script attempts to forcefully uninstall any known MSI packages that have been published since OpenInsight 9.0 was first released. The following is a partial list of the various MSI packages related to the client setup component which could appear in the Programs and Features list:


OpenInsight Netlauncher v1.0

OpenInsight NetOI Class v2.0

OpenInsight idxSets v1.2

OpenInsight Print Engine v6.0

OpenInsight .NET Interface v1.8






The script checks the website for an updated list of known MSI packages each time it is run. If the site is not available the script uses a built-in list of known MSI when the script was released.


System Requirements


The script is designed to run on Windows 7 and later but should run on Windows XP with PowerShell 2.0 installed. If you have not previously used powershell scripts you must enable the execution of scripts. By default Windows does not allow the execution of powershell scripts. Follow these steps to change the workstation security policy to enable the execution of signed scripts.

Start a command prompt by right clicking on the start menu command prompt icon and choosing "Run As Administrator".

Execute the command powershell Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy AllSigned

If prompted press "Y" to confirm the execution policy change.




To download the PowerShell script.


Running the Script


When you run the script you will not be prompted before components are removed. Be sure you have closed any copies of OpenInsight and stopped any running OEngine servers.


Caution: The script is provided as-is and should be used under the direction of a support technician.

Right-click the downloaded file Remove-RevClientSetup.ps1 The script will automatically removal the client setup components.

When prompted by the script, press <enter> to finish the script.


Note: If the script did not prompt you to press enter or you saw an error flash please double check you enabled the execution of powershell scripts by following the steps in the system requirements section of this KB article.

The script has now removed the client setup components. You may check the Programs and Features list to verify all components have been removed. Any errors related to the un-installation of MSI files will appear in the windows event log.


Before you can run OpenInsight or the OEngine server you should re-install the corresponding version of clientsetup.exe on the workstation.