Cheque Inquiry

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Cheque Inquiry

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Use this function to enquire on processed cheques. These cheques include Normal cheques, EFT type cheques and BPayment type cheques. EFT cheques are preceded by an "E" and BPayment cheques are preceded by 'BP' but all exist in the same cheques file.


Cheque Inquiry1


Details Tab:


Cheque No:

Use the drop down to select cheques by creditor No or by date.

Cheque Inquiry2

Once a cheque No is selected you will need to remove the details after and including the '*' and enter the bank no in the Pay Bank field.


Pay Bank:

This is the second part of the cheque identifier as each bank account can have their own cheque number sequence.


Status Tab:


Cheque Inquiry3



Invoice Tab:


Cheque Inquiry4