BSB Codes

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BSB Codes

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Bank State Branch (BSB) are codes regulated by the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA). A default set of codes are included in PBC and have the format 123-456. New codes are added to this list by APCA and require the user to manually add any new code. A BSB code must exist in this file before being able to used in payment transactions.



BSB Code:


Enter the BSB code or press the drop down to display/select existing BSB codes.



Bank Code:


Enter the bank code or press the drop down to display/select existing Bank Code. The bank code must be an entry in the Bank Code file.




Enter the name of the branch.




Enter the address of this branch.




Enter the Suburb of this branch.




Enter the Branch state.




Enter the branch postcode.


Payment Type:


Enter the payment type as dictated by APCA e.g PEH (P:Paper, E:Electronic, H:High Value)



Any comments recorded for this branch