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The Backstage details are displayed by pressing the round button on the top left corner. Double clicking the round button will CLOSE PBC.



Press to following options links for further details:


User Preferences:


Change User Password:


Workstation Settings:


Printer Setup:


The printer setup enables the user to change printer details including changing the default printer.


Select Favourites:


New Main Menu:


This is the new menu system with module icons and in alphabetical order.

New Menu1


Old Main Menu:

This is the previous menu system.

Old Menu1


OI Documentation:


For those users having access to the OI documentation, the following PDF files supplied by Revelation Technologies can be displayed by selecting the PDF file from the popup.


PBC About:


The PBC about details display the current versions of various software programs used by the PBC software.The about details are also include support contact details.



PBC Theme:


Use the theme option to change the visual presentation of the ribbon and date controls.




The ribbon display will reflect the theme selected. Press the save button to permanently save the selected theme.


The effect of various themes on the date picker as below:


Calendar 1