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Debtor Adjustments:


Use the debtor adjustment function to adjust the balance of a debtor invoice. An adjustment to the value of an invoice does not produce any document printout. If a credit not is required then create a -ve invoice.


After entering the debtor details and the debtor has outstanding invoices an Open Invoice list is displayed.

open invoices

Highlight the invoice requiring adjustment and press OK.


If no current invoices are available then:

Display Zero

Press Yes to display paid invoices.

If No is selected you will requested:

Retrieve History

Select Yes to begin the process of copying an archived invoice back to a current invoice for further processing.


Total Credit:


A +ve amount reduces the balance of an invoice.

A -ve amount increases the balance of an invoice.


Gst Amount:


If reversing a payment then the GST amount should be Zero and the GL no is the bank account.


General Ledger Details

Right click on the Gl No cell within the table and select:

Invoice GL Allocation

Gl Allocation

In the example above select 40330 (Sales Stock) to reverse the original invoice details. If also crediting delivery then repeat the process on the next cell selecting 40331 (Delivery).



The amount remaining is the default entered. If further amounts are to be entered the reduce this amount to the correct value for this GL no.




Enter the reason for the adjustment for later reference.