Audit Trail

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Audit Trail

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Creditors transactions are used to post amounts to the general ledger. These amounts are found in the APTRANS file. At creditors month end all posted APTRANS records are copied to the APTRANS_HIST file. This audit trail only deals with APTRANS records.

On occasions the posting check fails the record audit prior to posting. In this occasion the audit trail is used to edit the APTRANS record prior to posting.

Any editing of the the transaction should only be either debits or credits on the gl table..

Press Audit3to display un posted transactions.



Creditor No:



Invoice No:

The invoice No contains the creditor No then followed by the creditor invoice no separated by a "*". This avoids duplicating creditors invoices.


Invoice Date:





GST Amount:



Batch Id:

The batch no is blank before posting to general ledger. The batch No prevent this transaction from posting again.


Date Added:



Document Nos:








Gl No:









GST Amounts: