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Payroll adjustments are used to alter the employee pay for allowance and deductions. These adjustments are usually for amounts not hours.

ONLY use hour adjustments if time card entry is not used, otherwise any hour adjustments should be done via time card hour adjustments. This can be done during the pay process.

Any adjustment record not processed in previous pay and the date is equal to or less than the pay week ending date then this adjustment will be included as an adjustment to the pay being processed.

Any future adjustments may be entered at any time and will be triggered/included as per above.

Pay Adjustment1


Enter an existing employee no or use the drop down to select an existing employee.



Enter the date at which this adjustment is to take affect. The date entered should be equal to or less than the week ending date this adjustment is to be included in the pay process.



Leave this table blank and only use earnings if time card entry is not used.

Pay Adjustment4

Press Select all Unprocessed to create a browse list of all unprocessed adjustments. Then any unprocessed adjustment may be edited or deleted.



Enter any allowances and deductions to be include in this pay only as an adjustment.

Pay Adjustment2

Enter the code, quantity and rate to determine the amount of this adjustment.


Double click on code to select existing allowance code.



Enter any comments for your reference as the reason for this adjustment. Normally this is left blank.

Pay Adjustment3

Print Comments on Pay slip:

Tick this box to print the adjustment comment on the pay slip.