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Use the creditors adjustment form to adjust the value of a creditors invoice.


Use the creditors adjustment to adjust the invoice value if the exchange rate of an overseas invoice has changed. Adjust the invoice value before payment is made.


Creditor No:

After entering the creditor number all the available creditor invoice are displayed as below.



Select the invoice to be adjusted.


Total Credit:

Enter the amount that is to be either debited or credited to the particular invoice.


A positive number will reduce the invoice value or conversely a negative number will increate the invoice value.


This is a numeric 13 character field.

In entering an amount it is not necessary to enter the cents unless the amount actually has cents in it.  To enter $100.00 all you need to type in would be one and two zeros and this would be displayed on the screen as $100.00.  If you are using cents then both 100.50 and 100.5 would be displayed as $100.50.

The default value is the same as the invoice total for a credit note. To accept the default value [Return] or enter the amount you wish to adjust.

If you enter an amount greater than the invoice total for a credit note the screen will display the message "Amount exceeds invoice amount".


General Ledger details

The default GL No is entered automatically and is the same GL No as the original invoice. Mostly the user will accept the default GL No.



Enter any details explaining the reason for the adjustment for later reference.


Press Process(F9) or the F9 function key to complete the adjustment.