Account Card Report

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Account Card Report

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Use the account card report to display all the transactions posted to the general ledger for selected general ledger number(s).

The report is sometimes required by external accounts to validate general ledger details.

Account Card1

From Account No:

Enter the starting General ledger account number, An automatic search is activated if the user enters text instead of a valid account number.


To Account No:

Enter the last General ledger account number. The default is the starting Account no.


From Period:

Enter the starting period. The default is the current general ledger period.


To Period:

Enter the Last period defaulting to the From Period.


This Year:

If last years details are required then un tick this year.



Tick Consolidated if all the departments general ledger accounts are required for the report.


Include Bank Card Payments:

Some systems have duplicate bank card records if  the creditor card is treated as a bank account instead of a credit card creditor. If that is the case then remove this tick.



As per sample below the detail report displays sub totals to each change as per sort by field.


Sort By:

Press the dropdown to select the sorting of the report.


Account Card2



Sample Detail Report:

Account Card3

Sample Summary Report:


Account Card4